Student Health Services

Student Health Services - Our School - Paeroa College

Health and Wellbeing Services at Paeroa College:

To schedule an appointment with any of our health and wellbeing services students or whānau can contact our student centre and request and appointment. A confidential booking slip is also available outside our nurses clinic to request an appointment with any of the services below. If a student has the need for a service outside of the ones mentioned below we will do everything we can to put this in place to support them.


School Nurse

Clinic days start Tuesday 7th of February. Our school nurse is onsite every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Clinic hours are from 9am – 3pm.


School Doctor

The school doctor is available most weeks either onsite or through a virtual appointment.  These appointment times vary so it is best for students and whānau to inquire through our nurse for an appointment.



Counselling sessions are available Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 9am – 3pm. This service is to provide students with the appropriate support depending on their needs.