Paeroa College Board of Trustees

Mr Conall Buchanan
Presiding Member - Finance / Property

Mrs Amy Hacker

Mr Grant van de Wetering
Staff Representative - Health & Safety / Property

Mr John Dustow
Parent Representative - Discipline / Health & Safety

Mrs Chrissy Te Teira
Parent Representative - Discipline 

Mrs Jo Tilsley
Discipline / Finance

Mr Larn Wilkinson
Co-Opted member- Discipline / Property

Seth Seerup
Student Representative

Board 2022 2023

Paeroa College Board Meetings 2023

Monday27th February @ 4.30pm
Monday 27th March @ 4.30pm
Monday 1st May @ 4.30pm
Thursday 1st June @ 4.30pm
Monday 26th June @ 4.30pm
Monday 31st July @ 4.30pm
Monday 28th August @ 4.30pm
Monday 27th September @ 4.30pm

Tuesday 24th October @ 4.30pm
Monday 27th November @ 4.30pm

Paeroa College Board Minutes

Confirmed Minutes Meeting 31 October 2022
Confirmed Minutes Meeting 28 November 2022
Confirmed Minutes Meeting 27 February 2023
Confirmed Minutes Meeting 27 March 2023
Confirmed Minutes Meeting 1 May 2023
Confirmed Minutes Meeting 1 June 2023
Confirmed Minutes Meeting 26 June 2023
Confirmed Minutes Meeting 31 July 2023
Confirmed Minutes Meeting 28 August 2023
Confirmed Meeting Minutes 18 September

Policy Framework 2023

Policy Framework Paeroa College 2023

Financial Statements

2022 Audited Annual Report Paeroa College With Ar

2022 Analysis Of Variance

Role of the Board of Trustees

"All of New Zealand's state and state-integrated schools have a Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees is the Crown entity responsible for the governance and the control of the management of the school.  The Board is the employer of all staff in the school, is responsible for setting the school's strategic direction in consultation with parents, staff and students and ensuring that it's school provides a safe environment and quality education for all it's students.  Boards are also responsible for overseeing the management of personnel, curriculum, property, finance and administration" - New School Trustees Association Website 2018

For more information about boards, how they run, trustees and becoming one, please see the NZSTA website -

For more information regarding Paeroa College's Board of Trustees, please contact the Board Chair via email at [email protected]
Please email [email protected]  if you would like to attend in person and present something to the Board.