Curriculum and academic support for students


Our Curriculum:

Paeroa College offers a varied and exciting curriculum that suits the needs of all our learners. A broad programme of study operates at Years 9 and 10, with more subject specialities at Years 11-13. Each Friday, in the senior school, we run an academy programme that provides students with range of deep learning opportunities that vary from outdoor adventure to café-style food preparation.  Mrs Youngman, our Deputy Principal and Curriculum Advisor, will support international students in selecting their academic pathway. 

 For more information, click on the link to the senior courses.  Level 1 Course Outline 2024 Level 2 Course Outline 2024 Level 3 Course Outline 2024

Academic and Pastoral Support:

 The deans of the student’s year level, along with Mrs Baxter, provide pastoral and academic support for our International Students.

 With plenty of sport, cultural and leadership opportunities available, we encourage our International Students to achieve academically and to develop a sense of involvement and participation in the College and New Zealand’s way of life.


National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA)

 A Study in New Zealand document (produced by the NZQA) is available to help international students understand NCEA – see the links below:


English version -

Thai version -

Korean version -

Japanese version -

Chinese version -

German version -

Spanish version -

Achievement, Citizenship and Agency (ACA)- our mentoring/coaching programme for all students

  • The purpose of ACA (across the school) is to build a sense of belonging for all Paeroa College students. This class gives the Deans of each Year level time with their students so they can address relevant issues in a timely fashion. We use this time to shape our students based around a concentric model of character education.  These classes are team taught in a Modern Open Learning Environment with the whole year level together.

  • Year 9 ACA is focussed around “ME” - everything to do with who the individual is, and how I understand myself in different situations/contexts
  • Year 10 ACA is focussed around “ME & MY PEERS” - to do with how the individual interacts with others in the year level and building positive relationships
  • Year 11 ACA is focussed around “ME & OTHERS” - to do with how the individual interacts with other people around them including other students, whānau and friends
  • Year 12 ACA is focussed around “ME & PAEROA COLLEGE” - to do with how each student sees themselves in our school and how they can contribute to making it a better place. This is linked to our expectation that each individual has a role to play leading in our school
  • Year 13 ACA is focussed around “ME & MY COMMUNITY” - and involves looking beyond Paeroa College and setting students up to be assets to our wider community (Paeroa, NZ, globally). The goal is for each individual to realise the part they can play in shaping our world