Our robust Senior School curriculum provides flexibility to meet the needs of all learners. We offer students the opportunity to develop their skills in areas in which they are interested and which will support their post- secondary pathway. We are intentional in our quest to provide a platform for every student to ultimately leave school with a meaningful plan and direction. We offer a wide range of subjects from traditional academic subjects, innovative integrated study, and vocational pathways. If we don’t offer what a student wishes to study we will find a way to provide access!

Current subjects on offer include:  English, Te Reo Maori, Business Studies, Classics, Geography, History, Media Studies, Psychology, Tourism, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science, Horticulture, Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics, Physical Education, Health, Music, Visual Art, Drama, Maori Performing Arts, Hospitality, Food Technology, Hard Materials, Building, Electronics, Digital Information Technology, Design and Visual Communication, Early Childhood Education, Employment Skills, Retail, Tikanga, and Legal Studies. Vocational learning is also offered through Gateway and Trades Academies. 

Course Selections for 2022:

Please click on the links below for the course selections for 2022.  Please note, these are subject to change.

Year 11 Course Outline 2022

Year 12 Course Outline 2022

Year 13 Course Outline 2022