Sports, Art and Culture

At Paeroa College, we are focussed on developing each student as a whole person, providing them with a sense of belonging, a purpose and place to call their own. We are a family-centred school and cater to the individual learning needs of all of our students. 

We are proud to offer our students a huge variety of learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom.  Growing leadership potential within our students occurs at all year levels.  We have an intentional emphasis on Outdoor Education and Leadership. These are essential aspects of our vision and camps to develop these skills occur at every year level for all students. 

We have a huge range of sporting activities, ski trips, overseas sports and study tours. We believe in the value of sport to supplement the in-class curriculum. As such, we offer a wide variety of sporting and recreational activities designed to involve and challenge our students. Students who take advantage of these opportunities find school life enriched, are more engaged with school and are better prepared for adult life. Teams and individual students continue to succeed at Regional, National and International level. We are proud of the many achievements, and the level of participation by our students. We enjoy celebrating the success of our students and encourage them to continually push themselves to achieve more than they think they are capable of.

Our arts programme is well-resourced with modern purpose-built facilities. Extracurricular opportunities include instrumental and vocal tuition, band participation, dance, wearable arts, Māori performing arts (including a strong Kapa Haka) and speech competitions.