Year 13 PE Camp to Great Barrier Island 2015

By Quinn Barker

The Year 13 PE class went to Great Barrier Island as part of our course working towards Level 3 credits in leadership and outdoor education.

What a fantastic camp - six days of adventure and great opportunities!

Arriving by ferry at GBI, we were instantly taken aback by the scenery.  It wasnt long before we were partaking in a range of activities including coastering, surf and sea kayaking, fishing, overnight camping and snorkeling (in crystal clear water).

The activities were challenging and the marine life was amazing.  We saw a wide range of species including stingrays and an octopus.  Some of us were also lucky enough to unexpectedly experience swimming with a dolphin.  Eating fresh kina off the rocks topped it off!

Hilary Outdoors has fantastic staff/instructors with a passion for the outdoors, providing endless ways to explore this adventure paradise.

This camp offers a wide variety of challenges to endure, and I would encourage anyone to take up this opportunity.

#GBIHARD #TakeMeBack

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