Our New Uniform is on sale during the following times:

Monday 1st - Thursday 11 December 2014 8am to 11am daily

Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22 January 2015 9am to 11am daily

Tuesday 27th to Thursday 29th January 2015  9am to 3pm daily

Please note all Year 9 and Year 13 students need to be in the full new uniform for the beginning of 2015. Year 12 students in 2015 are able to wear the new Senior Uniform.  Year 10 and 11 can remain in the existing uniform but cannot mix and match the two uniforms.  The new school Jacket is the only item that can be worn with both uniforms.  If you have any questions or to obtain a full price list please contact Debbie Gould during the above hours on 07 862 7579 x 222


Junior and Senior Boys Shorts $40
Junior and Senior Boys Short Sleeve Shirts $45
Junior and Senior Girls Skirts $50
Junior and Senior Girls Blouses $45
PE T-shirt $25
PE Shorts $30
Jackets $75
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