Excellence and Merit Endorsements and Vocational Pathways Awards

We were delighted to celebrate the achievement of our students who gained and Excellence or Merit Endorsement in NCEA and those who gained a Vocational Pathways Award.  These are high level qualification where students need to gain 50 credits at Excellence Level or 50 credits at Merit Level to gain an endorsement.  To gain a Vocational Pathways Award you need to gain 60 credit associated with the chosen pathway - 20 of these must be sector related.

Level 1 Excellence endorsement:

  • Jamie McGahan

Level 1 Merit endorsement:

  • Antonia Branson
  • Kelly Brunton Prout
  • Cody Charlton
  • Bailey Doran
  • Karla Dyer
  • Kimiora Ensor
  • Joshua Hanna
  • Jaewon Lee
  • Dante O'Driscoll
  • Olivia Parker
  • Olivia Pooley

Level 2 Merit endorsement:

  • Chloe Flemming
  • Deija Gray
  • Cameron Keeys
  • Michaela Waiari

Level 3 Excellence endorsement:

  • Miranda Hodgson
  • Sunjoo Lee

Level 3 Merit endorsement:

  • Briely Schuler

Service Industries Vocational Pathways Award:

  • Megan Buchanan
  • Courtney Collier
  • Ataarangi Raharaha
  • Shania Taranaki

Manufacturing and Technology Vocational Pathways Award:

  • Dylan Harris
  • Kane Way

Primary Industries Vocational Pathways Award:

  • Kita Moehurori-Walker


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