Learning at Paeroa College

Paeroa College offers a vibrant, exciting and student centred learning environment. We are proud of our school and work hard to provide the very best for our learners.
We provide a wireless network for our learners to join. We welcome students bringing their own devices and also supply mobile and fixed desktops at a ratio of around 1:3.
Learning In The Junior School

Learning in the Junior School at Paeroa College is exciting and aims to meet the needs of our students by providing relevant and purposeful learning experiences. Our students learn in a purpose built modern learning environment that allows for flexibillity and a personalised curriculum. The change to our environment in 2016 has been a key factor in changing how we are teaching and how we are learning and we are excited at the opportunities our teaching teams can provide for our students.

Our Junior School curriculum is focussed on providing our students with the dispositions and skills that they will need to be able to be successful in the Senior School. This includes mastering areas of the curriculum that they require whilst providing opportunities to see links between subjects and areas of learning. We provide a responsive and dynamic environment for our students to work. Junior students are formally assessed through the AMPS [link to AMPS 2017 handout] programme where they, along with their teachers and whanau, can monitor their successes and achievement throughout their years in the Junior School. Alongside this sits the Junior Learner Journal which has been designed to help students, teachers and wh?nau monitor both academic and holistic progress. We really value the home school partnership process and working with wh?nau for the betterment of our students.
Both Year 9 and Year 10 teaching teams implement their programmes slightly differently. These are based around the needs of the students and the way each group has chosen to cover the curriculum. By the end of Year 10, students will have covered at least Level 4 and 5 of the New Zealand Curriculum. The majority of this learning will be covered through integrated learning. This means we do not separate for Science, English, Maths and Social Studies but find ways to cover all of these subjects through overarching themes.
During the week, in both Year 9 and 10, students have the opportunity to improve their Literacy and Numeracy, during allocated sessions, taught at the appropriate level. Students also have time allocated to passion based learning opportunities where they are able to explore something that interests them. We are working on students being responsible learners who take risks, are prepared to fail, can work in groups, work independently and can take charge of their own learning.
Learning in the Senior School
Our Senior School curriculum offers students the opportunity to develop their skills in areas that they are interested. We wish to provide the platform for every student to ultimately leave the school in a meaningful direction and our academic conversations are always around the ‘What next’ to ensure this. We offer a wide range of subjects from both the traditional academic areas to the more modern vocational pathways. If we don’t offer what a student wishes to study we will find a way to provide access!

Current subjects on offer include: Accounting, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geography, Economics, Science, Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics, Physical Education, Health Studies, Cultural Studies, Music, Art, Gateway, Hospitality, Food Technology, Hard Materials, Tools for Work, Electronics, Digital Information Technology, Design and Visual Communication, Trades Academy courses, Early Childhood Education, Tourism, English, Employment Skills, Retail Courses, Agriculture, Legal Studies, Maori, Media Studies and Dance.

Students are offered a range of cultural activities including: Chess competitions, Music Tuition, Singing Lessons, Dance Lessons, Kapa Haka, Mandarin Lesson as well as our annual Ski Trip and exchange trip to China.

Paeroa College Vision

Where we want to get to in the future Our vision is to develop open-minded, successful, life-long learners who recognise and contribute positively to their community and the world beyond. Our learners will have the opportunity to experience excellence in everything they do.

Excerpt from Charter
Missionhow we are going to do this
We will focus on developing our Curriculum (what we learn), our Community of Learning (who learns and who supports our learning) and our Environment and Practice (how and where learning happens) to ensure that we are flexible, responsive, relevant and inspirational for our learners.
Values - the views that influence our actions
Whaia t?u mana motuhake ki t?na taumata!  Pursue your uniqueness to excellence
We will meet the learning needs of our diverse groups of students. We will embrace the bicultural heritage of New Zealand and will develop a college that encourages all learners to experience success as culturally centred individuals. As a College we acknowledge the values of the Treaty of Waitangi.
Our learners will develop connections: right across our community. We will build bridges for our learners to cross enabling them to expand and grow in their learning. Every learner needs to connect with a pathway on which they will walk when they leave our school.
These pathways will offer each and every learner the opportunity to become confident and caring, eager to engage the world and to be responsible citizens.
Our learners will be courageous: prepared to take risks, embrace adversity, be resilient and try new things.
Our learners will be reflective: self-aware of their learning, their impact on the community and their ability to relate to others.
Graduate Profile
A Learner graduating from Year 10 into the Senior School will value learning by:
Being literate and numerate: have the skills, maturity and dispositions to access and embrace senior learning
Being assessment savvy – have an understanding of how to succeed in the complex world of qualifications
Having experience of a wide variety of learning contexts and curriculum and be able to make links between them
Having experienced success and learnt from failure
A Learner graduating from Paeroa College to the wider world will:
Have developed a sense of identity, purpose and independence
Have achieved a minimum of Level 2 NCEA that allows them to leave Paeroa College in a meaningful direction
Have the desire to continue to learn and potentially gain further qualifications
Have a connection to Paeroa College and Paeroa itself, whilst also seeing the bigger picture beyond


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